Sailabration in Baltimore

If you were adventurous enough to brave the crowds and visit Batimore, MD for Sailabration, the 200th celebration of the War of 1812, what an amazing display!

My family went twice during the 7 day (June 13-19) event. The first day we were able to tour two of the naval ships. Each ship had small group guided tours from naval academy midshipmen or active duty sailors. Althought the crowds were large, people were very patient. We saw aot of smiles and friendly exchanges. We also enjoyed speaking to the various military personnel who were helping with crowd conrol, overseeing security or sitting at information/ demonstration tables. They loved sharing stories and answered any questions – ‘years of service?’, ‘hometown?’ ‘current rank?’, ‘favorite or most hated training drill….’ It was so inspirational getting to know the heroes who protect us.

Another site to see was the training runs of the Blue Angels for their air show. I am sure the actual show was truely jaw-dropping because the practice was spectacular!

On our 2nd visit we marvelled at the sand sculptures on display in the inner harbor, enjoyed arts and crafts at the family zone and were in complete awe of the tall ships (which my children called ‘prate ships). While waiting in line to board a ship from Indonesia, my children were given instruments native to the country and taken aboard to perform- what a treat!!!

We had to leave early afternoon in order to bring the children home for naps. So we missed the bands, fireworks, ‘adventure zone’, and other areas created for visitors to explore. Let’s just hope Baltimore hosts events similar to this soon!

Thursday, 21 June 2012 9:47 PM


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